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Most of us remember our teen years, when we would have constant unstoppable erections. That was when all of our glands were working at optimum levels. However as one gets older the adrenal glands become exhausted and the pituitary gland becomes sluggish. So when a sluggish pituitary sends signals to an exhausted adrenal gland it will respond slowly or not at all. The signals are polluted by all the modern day chemicals and drugs that are part of our everyday lives. Not to mention being overworked and overstressed in the worst economic time in history.

Of course I can tell you to eat and drink right. Get rid of all those daily habitual drugs we take. Exercise and keep your body in shape, but most importantly we have to get those glands back in shape and communicating with each other again at optimum levels. Once this is done you will find yourself as if you were a teenager again and this is where StaminaMax comes in. You will find yourself waking up in the mornings with a super strong erection greeting you. When was the last time this happened to you? Rock hard erections as if you were 16 again!

The unique formula in StaminaMax adjusts the pituitary gland, which lies at the base of the brain and is responsible for sexual behavior. StaminaMax is a strong, safe and prescription free all natural herbal product. StaminaMax blows away all other sexual stimulants both herbal and pharmaceutical.

You will find the natural herbs in StaminaMax to totally stimulate you and not just once for the night, but for as long as your partner wants to go. You'll notice the amazing lasting power that you will have again and the ability to achieve erection after erection all night long.

For 20 years I traveled all over the world and experienced many different and wonderful cultures. On one of my trips to the orient, many years ago, I came upon these wonderful herbs. While in the local markets I noticed that a lot of old men kept on visiting this one merchant that specialized in herbs of all kinds. When I finally found a translator, I discovered why most of this merchants customers were old men. They were frequenting him because he was the only one in the region that had the herbs that would affect their stamina and virility. So being the curious and experimental type I decided to give them a try. I was in my late 20′s at the time in great shape and didn't have any problems in any area, but the reaction I got from this combination of herbs was absolutely amazing. I now understood why all the old men were visiting this merchant. Throughout the years I've done a lot of research on these herbs. Now being in my 50′s I'm glad I came across them so many years ago. There is nothing out there today or back then that compares to the combination of these herbs. Remember friends the good book tells us.

"Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed to take care of all your needs"

It doesn't matter if you are in your 30′s or 80′s StaminaMax will work for you. So if you want the absolute "Best Sex of Your Life" my friends please try our StaminaMax product. Top quality all natural herbs at half the price of other male enhancement products.Once you try StaminaMax we know you will become a customer for life. For additional savings try our multiple bottle orders. All orders include FREE Shipping and our 100% Ironclad Moneyback Guarantee!

“ This is the real deal. I’m having the best erections ever. I told my wife that I’ve been working out and taking my vitamins. I don’t want her to find out about my secret miracle. I’ve never been able to last this long in my whole life. ”

Steve F, San Diego, CA